The Love Our City Book and Movement was birthed by Tommy “Urban D.” Kyllonen. He serves as the Lead Pastor at Crossover Church in Tampa, Florida.

The church has been recognized as one of the most innovative churches in America by Outreach Magazine. Crossover is known for it’s creativity and community outreach. Love Our City week got over 80% of the church serving and giving back. It brought in hundreds of new visitors at church, which resulted in hundreds of salvations and baptisms the Sundays directly after the serve week. Corporate sponsors began to donate and now pay for the majority of all of the community service projects. Love Our City made such a huge impact in Tampa that churches and leaders from around the country began asking for training to do Love Our City in their communities. Tommy created the Leader’s Box kit to give churches all the nuts and bolts to help them put on a successful Love Our City outreach campaign. The 30 Day Devotional book is the key ingredient that helps your church or organization really learn the theology of what it means to love their neighbor as they love themselves. The book and the video devotional series help disciple people to make this a lifestyle and not just another event.